fiber hair and human hair pieces are the two major options for both sexes when selecting for a wig. But how are you going to spot the disparity of one from the other? And why select the other one instead of the other? Listed below are the differences between these two hair pieces.
Wearing wigs have become in fashion these days. A lot of men and women have worn synthetic hair as well as human hair wigs once or even a lot of times and if you are to get the statistics, you will be surprised to know it. Synthetic hair has indeed helped those who have problems with their own hair to grow, especially those with medical conditions. As we have now evolved to be too conscious of how we look, the birth of wearing wigs has indeed earned a great following. With wigs created to nears perfection because of technology, people have started to get an entire new look and/or simply to improve their looks.
The use of synthetics and real hair are the two most widely accepted options for wigs these days. Which of the two is good for you will depend on your needs and situation.
Synthetic hair is priced lower than the natural hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are created to make the wearer feel comfortable without feeling that the person is wearing one. They make the wearer to look confident and good.
Of course, they will not feel like your real hair to touch and seeing them up close. However, you can be assured that they will last long. Synthetics are thicker than the natural ones so they feel warmer when worn.
The largest disadvantage of synthetic hair is that you cannot have it re-styled. It can be shampooed however. It is useful especially if you are just after washing and wearing it.
Wig made of real hair has been the most sought after in the past. Compared to synthetic wig, it definitely is more expensive. The benefit that it has over synthetic hair is that it can also be washed and re-styled in any cut that you would want. Combing through or touching the real hair wig will not even give a clue that it not your real hair you are wearing.
With an array of natural colors and lengths, wig made of natural hair can be shampooed, conditioned, blow-dried and styled. Its disadvantage is that like your real hair, you need to give ample time to maintain and prepare it.
To conclude, synthetic wig will suit you if the reason you want it for easy procedure. With a not so big a budget, you can have a wash and wear wig made of synthetic materials. On the other hand, the human hair wig will suit you if you have a bigger budget and would like to wear one that really feels a part of your own natural hair.