What is Remi?  What is Yaki?  What does Remy hair mean? What about Yaki hair?  Remy hair has to be one of the most confusing words used in today’s market.  First off, Remy hair does not mean the hair is virgin hair.  Remy hair can be virgin, processed (colored) or unprocessed.  Most Remy hair used for weaves and wigs are derived from Asia (ie., China, Korea and India).  Hair is collected from the barber’s floor or Indian temples then can be aggressively treated with acid, and other chemicals which destroy the cuticle partially or totally, which is what the hair industry refers as processed hair.  Sometimes hair is even mixed with animal and synthetic hair (i.e., Yaki).  Harvesting Virgin or Remy Hair:   To assure hair strands are organized facing the same direction from root to tip, hair must be cut close to the scalp in a ponytail. Hair is then collected and cleaned to remove any lice, hair products and/or dirt. Workers ensure strands are facing the same direction  Difference between Virgin/Remy Hair and Yaki Hair:   Virgin and Remy hair refers to a specific harvesting process and Yaki hair refers to the texture resembling relaxed Afro-American/Caribbean hair. Remy hair is cut from a single donor, while in contrast, Yaki hair, may be Remy, non-Remy, or synthetic.  Coloring virgin hair extensions  It’s important to color your natural hair the desired color before your extensions are applied. Your stylist will then color match your extensions to your new color to make your purchased hair look like the real thing. Highlights can even be added by adding different colored extensions in the same randomness as highlights applied to hair pulled through a cap. If your roots need a touch-up before you need to change your extensions, play it safe and leave the coloring to your stylist. BLEACHING YOUR HAIR IS NOT RECOMMENDED. It is risky and uses harsh chemicals that can damage your hair.  Swimming and exercising with virgin hair extensions  Before swimming, be sure to comb out any tangles that may be present, starting from the bottom of your hair and working your way up. Once the hair has been detangled, braid the hair in two braids to ensure that all of the hair is protected. After swimming or being in water, wash the hair immediately. When dirt and sweat accumulates in your hair, your hair could get matted or tangle, and then become unmanageable. After swimming or being in water, you want to remove any damaging chemicals that may have gotten into your hair. Tips for properly caring for your virgin hair extensions