What is Human Virgin Hair?
Human Virgin Hair is unprocessed and untreated hair which has seen no damage to its cuticles and the hair looks healthy and vibrant. Great care should be taken when selecting Virgin Hair Extensions to ensure the colour closely matches your natural colour.
First of all, why choose virgin human hair extensions? Human Hair is donated and either comes cut or with the cuticle still intact. It can be treated or come as Virgin Hair, untreated and unprocessed meaning it maintains its natural health and shine. The very best human hair extensions are sold with the tips or cuticles intact. This means hair sits in one direction creating a more natural look when combined with your own hair.
The benefit of hair extensions are the various styles in which they can be worn. Adding instant length and volume can impact on up-dos, like voluminous buns or long and luscious pony-tails. Hair extensions can usually be added to hair that is just a couple of inches in length, offering instant change in style. They can offer highlights or lowlights and can help alter a hair style to change with fashion. Celebrities like Rihanna are famous for using hair extension to add bright colour, like reds and pinks to help them stand out.
Doll Hair Collection provides Virgin Human Hair extensions which are amongst the highest in quality on the market today.