What are single drawn and double drawn hair?
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Single Drawn Hair
This hair has been placed in a ponytail or braid and then cut from the donor’s head. At this point the very shortest hairs are removed, (the shortest hairs are “drawn” out, hence the name single drawn). This leaves some hairs that are shorter than the full length giving it a slight tapered, layered look. This makes for easy blending and the most natural look. 95% of all real remy hair is single drawn.
Double Drawn Hair
This type of hair is all one length. There are no shorter hairs in the extensions like single drawn. All of the short hair has been “drawn” out. Most of the time double drawn hair is cheap and Non-Remy. Double drawn remy hair is very expensive because so much of the hair is discarded. Because of this very few companies have remy double drawn extensions. The advantage is you always get the length you want without it being too thin at the bottom. A disadvantage is unless you are an expert at cutting with a razor the hair can look doll like and rather fake.
Making Double Drawn Hair is a technique all done by hand where the longest lengths of hair are pulled from the bundle first. If a ponytail’s longest length is 18″, all 18″ hair is removed. The next layer will be 17″ and that is removed. Proceed up the bundle by 1″ lengths until they are taken out and sorted. Making double drawn hair takes more time, more hair, and the result is a more expensive product where all hair will be the same length with no layers or shorter hairs.